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How to get involved

The decision-makers for the City consist of two groups - the legislative group and the administrative group.
The administrative group is people who work for the City.  The legislative group is the mayor and the five-member City Council, who are elected by you.  
Whereas County Council members represent specific areas, all citizens of Heber are constituents of all members of the City Council.  You can contact any or all of them.  And you don't have to live in Heber City to reach out with your concerns, because decisions they make affect the entire Valley.


Contact Info:

Heber Mayor Heidi Franco -

Heber City Council members:
Scott Phillips -
Rachel Kahler -
Mike Johnston -
Ryan Stack -

Yvonne Barney -

Heber City Planner Tony Kohler -
Heber City Manager Matt Brower - 

Wasatch County Council members:

Email -

Mark Nelson (Council Chair)

Spencer Park (Council Vice-Chair)

Marilyn Crittenden

Steve Farrell

Danny Goode

Kendall Crittenden

Jeff Wade



You can learn more about the City Officials and Staff at and the County Officials at

Get in touch!

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Or contact Christi Judd, Co-Executive Director, at:

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