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Help protect Heber!

Photography by Mary Waterman

Friends of Heber Valley is a group of citizens dedicated to celebrating and preserving the beauty, community, heritage, and quality of life in Heber Valley.

The Valley's population is increasing and will continue to.

In planning for growth, we strongly advocate for the preservation of the beauty, safety, agricultural, and alpine rural character of Heber Valley; the qualities that make people want to live here to begin with.

Heber Main Street and bypass options

Pollution, stormwater, sewage disposal

Pushing back on city council and overdevelopment,

North Village Overlay Zone, Envision Heber 2050

Arts, downtown corridor

To expand or not expand

Our priorities:

Each of our priorities is the focus of a dedicated Committee.

Please, reach out if you can lend your talents and expertise to any of our goals.


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Or contact Christi Judd, Co-Executive Director at:

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