The purpose of Friends of Heber Valley is to support and foster the heritage and quality of life that has historically been part of this Valley and to spotlight the things that are wonderful about this place 


Friends of Heber Valley is a non-profit organization founded in December of 2020 by a group of citizens  who became aware of the significant changes which were coming to the Valley. As we talked with friends and neighbors we were surprised to find that many people in the Valley were unaware of the magnitude of plans that are in the works, particularly for the northeast side of the Valley. 


We know that Valley population is increasing, and will continue to do so. People need to have homes.  In planning for growth, we advocate for the preservation of the beauty,  safety,  clean air,  clean water and alpine rural character of Heber Valley  - qualities that make people want to live here to begin with - highest priorities in the plan for growth.

Right now, a troubling threat to the Valley is the enormity of the development plans and the types of developments that are being considered or have recently been approved by Heber City.  Housing units already approved by Heber City (see chart, below), when added to existing housing, surpass the number planned for in "Envision Heber 2050," and developers are clamoring for more.  The photo on the left, below, shows the Provo River, a natural gem in our Valley, which is under threat of serious pollution unless enivronmental protections are taken very seriously.  Below, right, is a rendering of what developers want to build near the UVU campus.

Friends, Heber is at a crossroads. The upcoming election on November 2 stands to be a pivotal event in the history of Heber City, and by default, all of Heber Valley. This may be the most important opportunity you will have to make your voice heard!  BALLOTS WILL BE MAILED IN MID-OCTOBER.


There are two City Council Seats to be filled, and an important Mayoral election. The people in these positions will have tremendous power over what your life in Heber Valley is going to look like in the future.


Many citizens have voiced concerns about the direction Heber is going. There are candidates on the ballot who share these concerns, and others who want to see the "status quo" continue.

It's time to become informed, choose and be a part of history.

Make sure you are registered to vote!

Thanks for your interest in helping Heber Valley!  Please join our FRIENDS OF HEBER VALLEY Facebook Group!